Key Benefits:

If you need a simple way to keep all your personal documents organized, we created this version just for you. Enjoy all the organization benefits that EDi provides at enterprise level in a simple and easy to use interface. We’ve taken all of our Enterprise knowledge and experience and created this Personal Edition for you, and best of all… it is absolutely FREE!

So, you should be asking yourself, why EDi? And we got an answer for you:

  • Save Time by easily finding, editing and emailing documents.
  • Save Money every time you avoid printing unnecessary documents.
  • Save Space in your room or home office by eliminating all physical documents.
  • Take advantage of predefined record folder structures with the ability to customize them to your needs, after all, folder structures are there to guide the way, not to be in the way.
  • No need to read and learn pages and pages of documentation… If you know Windows, you know EDi!
  • Organize all your personal documents on a single Virtual Cabinet.
  • From receipts, assignments and personal notes to business ideas, projects and just about anything you can think off can take advantage of our versioning control with restore capabilities.
  • We took the best of the tools you use every day and seamlessly put it all to work on a single easy to use interface. MS Office, PDF Documents, Scanning, Email, Search Engine and much more.
  • Did we mention it is FREE! So, what you’ve got to lose?